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Our primary purpose for being here is to glorify God through His Son Jesus Christ, and invite others to do the same.  We want to encourage you to engage your spiritual curiosity – to grow in your faith – and to share your life with other people just like you. Come as you are – you may leave different!

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For nearly 1500 years, the Church has recognized and celebrated the four Sundays prior to Christmas as Advent. It’s a time of watching and waiting; a season of remembering Christ’s first coming while joyfully expecting his second coming in glory. But even as we wait for that future day, we rejoice in our present salvation, for Jesus Christ has rescued us from the penalty and dominating power of sin. In confident hope, we eagerly anticipate His consummate victory when sin and evil will be banished forever.

 In our Advent series of messages called “Unwrapping Christmas” we’ll explore several facets of the Incarnation jewel: Christmas Preparation, Christmas Presence, Christmas Paradoxes, and Christmas Proclamations. This Sunday, December 3, from Galatians 4:4-5, we’ll consider the perfect timing and providential preparation for the eternal Son of God’s arrival on planet earth.
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We give because God first gave to us. Our giving is a reflexive response to the transforming work of Christ in our lives. There are multiple ways for you to give at Horizon. Each method allows for God’s work to be done as you are faithful to his calling to give back:
There are several benefits to online giving for both you and our church. Some of them are. . .
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