Prospering God’s Way in 2018 (Part 2)

January 14, 2018

We’ve all said it multiple times over the last several days:  “Happy New Year!”  We want to be happy in the new year, and we wish the same for others.  But the underlying question is “How?” How can we be happy?  

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that the Christian’s primary concern should not be chasing happiness, but pursuing holiness. That is true.  But the Bible plainly states that there is a path to happiness.  Maybe you are familiar with Psalm 1.  The older translations begin: “Blessed is the man…” But many of the newer translations prefer to render it: “Happy is the one…” equating blessedness with happiness.  The blessed or “happy” person in Psalm 1 prospers in the way that God defines prosperity.  So for a prosperous new year, let’s take another look at the song that is the gateway to the Psalms.

-Jim Stephenson