Parents Night Out is back! On Friday October 19th from 6-9 pm, parents can drop of their kids off at Pump it Up and enjoy a night out. Dinner is included for kids and nurseries provided at Church. Sign up below. 

A group of adults will be eating together at Arizona Steakhouse in Simpsonville from 6:30 to 8:30 if you would like to join us. This is for couples and singles, regardless of whether or not you are dropping off your children at church or Pump-It-Up if you are interested in joining the crowd for dinner, please RSVP with Laura Franks at

***Pump-It-Up is free and open for all children 3-12 years old who are completely potty trained. No staff at Pump-It-Up will be able to assist with going to the bathroom. Infant and toddler nurseries for children not yet potty-trained are available at Horizon Church. Guardian will be required to sign a release waiver at Pump-It-Up. All children going to pump-it-up MUST wear socks or parents will be required to buy socks for children to stay. If you want to send a packed dinner with your child, you may. However, please do not send anything containing peanuts as some children attending this event have severe allergic reactions to peanuts.