Wendy Curtis

W-Curtis1Wendy Curtis happily joined the Horizon staff on July 4th, 2010. She grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and her husband grew up on a farm in Kansas. Wendy is classically trained as a pianist and singer, but she has been leading rocking praise bands for 15 years. As well as leading a wonderful team of musicians and singers here at Horizon, Wendy teaches voice and piano lessons, plays and sings in a party band, and sings opera.

Wendy and Troy have both toured and performed extensively over the years with several opera companies and orchestras in the United States and Italy. Although she knew that God called her to be a contemporary worship leader 20 years ago while she was at Florida State University, her heart was still divided with her desire to be a famous opera singer instead. Before 20,000 people, she and Troy sang a successful outdoor concert in 2004 with the Hillyer Festival Orchestra in Salem, Massachusetts. The desire for fame was finally out of her system, so to speak, then realizing she didn’t need it anymore. The two moved to Greenville a few months later to work “normal” jobs, and through the grace, patience, and mercy of God, she’s attempting to act like a grown-up.
You can reach Wendy at 864-525-4282 or wlcurtis35@charter.net